I began drawing as soon as my tiny fingers were capable enough to wrap around a crayon. I remember my grandparent’s visits when I was little and how I could hardly let them walk through the door before I had them piled in various sketchbooks filled with paintings and drawings of wildlife. I was constantly in reverence to the natural world, and would regularly disappear into a creative state where I poured my heart into mimicking her majesty. The drawings that resulted were a creative fusion of my own imagination, and the very spirit of who I was drawing. It is this wonder and adoration experienced as a child that now informs my deep respect for the wild. I try not to think about what I am drawing as ‘objects’ or ‘things’ because no matter if I am drawing an animal, a human or a pear, there is always something alive, a soul that lives within that being. I aim to capture a glimpse of that true spirit in my work.

From the natural world, to the pets we love, and their plant friends, it is my life’s mission to honor these beings through reflecting their magnificence with my humble human hands. Through the wild mystery that lives within the heart of these drawings, it is my hope that something wild stirs within us, setting our undomesticated hearts free and running towards our wildest true calling. It is my hope that the ones captured in my art will remind us to be as brave as they are in feeding the world.



By purchasing my art you are helping me realize greater dreams to travel to wildlife reserves, and to fund wildlife rescues, and other environmental programs with a percentage of my profits. This is one way we can keep our natural world (that’s all of us!) thriving. Thank you for doing a good thing by supporting handmade works of art by real people. You have made our world a more beauty filled place.

Don’t see the animal you would like to honor? I also do one of a kind original commissions and pet portraits to capture the spirit of your vision, dreamscape, animal totem, or pet in a one of a kind piece. Simply email me at to get a quote on your vision.